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Conversation Between Vintniv and Skylar1

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  1. *poke*
  2. I'm too busy to do much of anything right now, but I do miss you

    Also, I'm modding serious talk and misc now.
  3. If you want to start talking again, feel free. I'm on Skype, and you're probably one of the best conversationalists I've ever had. Been quite.... bored without ya.
  4. Not.. yet. I'm in the process of getting a big promotion in my company, and I'm alredy working full-time. I thought it would be good to let u guys know I'm still alive and ok
  5. Are you back yet?
  6. Hey.
  7. still awake enough for msn?
  8. Sure.
  9. I'm going to add you on msn, kk?
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