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Conversation Between Vintniv and ShizaMaku

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  1. Jerk.
  2. Nvm you just seam like another short tempered brony... just like the rest.
  3. Again.... MAKING SIGNATURES, not uploading them or making them appear on this forum.
  4. Well for one, I did get told you were smart with sigs but i got it all settled XD
  5. Why are you bringing this up with me? We have a forum for site questions and problems:
  6. So I just had one custom made and it still wont work with the stupid thing. Ughhh ima flip a table soon
  7. The is signature uploading issue, not a signature making issue.
  8. So I hear that you are good at making signatures. Well I made one on Gimp and I tried saving it as a jpg, exported it as a jpg, and this site still wont take it. it is within the size limit i swear but still. It just wont go in, I need some help big time.
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