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Conversation Between Vintniv and GameGeeks

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  1. Blame my curiosity.
  2. Nope, its just you're the only one who ever asks me questions on my themes. Which I find very interesting.
  3. I get the feeling I'm upsetting you.
  4. You need to stop over thinking these SOTW themes.
  5. Yeah, I asked that just before I went to be. I was just thinking of the term Neko when I wrote that, sorry.
  6. Theme says 'Cat GIRLS'
  7. For the contest does it have to be a girl?
  8. Sorry, I thought things like the little light balls in hair and shattered triangles where part of the old image that overlapped.
  9. There actually arent any effects on those extractions, how I extracted them are exactly how they were in the original image.
  10. Yes, that's why I asked what I did, those have particle/fractal effects from the image they originally from. And I do, but I wanted to be nice and use something of yours if at all possible. I have six sites to fall back on, I just don't want to see your hard work go to waste.
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