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Conversation Between Vintniv and DeathBlade/13.666

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  1. Fair enough
  2. I would just put it there even it was just model painting because of the particular subject that is being painted. If if you're painting details on a model car, you are essentially just modifying the original model car, not really painting something on the exclusive basis of painting for paints sake. Just a thought.
  3. That's what I figured, but I just don't see miniatures as that "artisan". But it does take a lot more work than just normal painting (mostly due to assembly). Danke though.
  4. I would put it under Artisan Crafts.
  5. Hey, for miniature figurines in the Traditional Art section, would that go under Painting or Artisan crafts? Or would it be ok to just put the thread in main section, no sub-section.
  6. Thanks, bud. ^.^
  7. Happy birthday!
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