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Conversation Between Vintniv and FluffyDango

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  1. So how's it going?
    Use Discord instead.
  2. I dropped the Sera skype, go direct, go Vintniv. As I dont use the former anymore.
  3. Deleted skype a while ago. Didnt have anyone to talk to anymore.
  4. Oh damn.
    Yeah. They have to make money in some way though, most people block ads :P
    So do you use Skype? I've added you. Apparently I had added you once before, but you didn't accept. Accept now!
  5. No, she simply went back to her ex. She was already living with him.
    Yep. Its always about the money, not the humanity. Makes sense doesnt it?
    That's fairly easy, just smudge regularly, but then apply image, gaussian blur, blending mode lighten. Erase and play with opacity.
    I'm not a mod of anything anymore.
  6. How di I get access to the sub section you're a mod of?
  7. Hmm, she told me she was househunting with her husband atm. She found someone else very fast.
    Online dating is pretty bad yeah. I've tried it too, but most sites demand payment for everything. Apparently I'm popular on Match, but I haven't gotten a premium account, so can't see who likes me, can't see the PMs I've gotten :P
    Glow smudge:
    Hmm interesting idea.
  8. Technically, she ended it, and I simply agreed to it. That doesnt mean I dont want her back obviously.
    Thank you. I'm trying online dating at the moment, so far, nothing. I dont recommend it to be honest.
    Glow smudge?
    Try figure ground tags, like take a render of a character and drop them into a space. Like an anime girl in a warehouse and try to photo-manip it so she fits in there. Add various details to make it work like artificial lighting. Those are pretty hard to do, but they appear to be in favor. If you like a good challenge that is.
  9. It has only been 2 months since you two ended it? :O So you guys were together for all these years? It's been over 10 years since I was last on here, and you guys started while I was active here. No wonder you're crushed about it then. Do continue :P
    Though I'm sure you'll find someone else eventually. I hope you do
    I would love to try that style they call glow smudge actually. But for that, I do need to be extra creative, I think. It's probably a bit random how they smudge, but it's probably mostly not so random :P
  10. 2 months.
    DA is a wonderful place to gather inspiration, but dont limit yourself to just tags and awesome art. Stock images, wiki entry images, advertisement colors, even just carrying around your phone and taking a quick snapshop is useful.
    Nothing wrong with flashy, vibrant stuff.
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