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Conversation Between Vintniv and blueangel06661

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  1. Hello :]
  2. Why noooooooooot D: I thought we were bro-nies!!
  3. No. No. And no.
  4. Well I'm working on it.. >.> I'm trying to help make dazzle and sigs more better. Would you like to join our worm? It's a nice community event. I even got a few brand new AF members to join today! =D Not skilled gfx'ers but at least it's good experience for them.

    I hope you can stay, then I have no one to secretly fan-girl over... secretly, so you didn't read that.. no sir eee

    So no ice cream >: ?? Come on fellow floridian (least I'm sure you are) gotta have some ice cream with me, what flavor you like? Is it strawberry?

  5. I'm debating whether or not I should even stay on AF. Doesnt seem hospitable anymore.
  6. No ice-cream though?
  7. I messed with it some.. not sure if I like it or not so I just saved the psd...
    I'm tossing it back to you, if you want to tweak it, tell me it sucks go ahead lol.. and I merged your vectoring btw..
  8. She made me start buying konpieto when ever I can find any.. They are actually pretty yummy if you like rock candy..
  9. Was just the preview. You can nick the 1920 by 1200 PSD here:

    Glad you like Kobato, she's such a charming little bird.
  10. I LOVE KOBATO!!! Sure I'll work on it today/tonight.. It seems small for a WP.. Do you want it to just be a large project?? I wouldn't mind working with Kobato.. I saw the anime, I should also read the manga..
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