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Conversation Between animegirl2365 and mcgee

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  1. Lol that was a little too much gore for me...
  2. Hahaha, really? interesting.. i like the gore stuff lol
  3. Cool I like that too. Elfin lied kinda creeped me out it was way to much gore. Which is weird because I could watch Blood+.
  4. naruto, bleach, inuyasha, deathnote, elfin lied, full metal alchemist, sailormoon, and cowboy bebop, stuff like that how abouts you?
  5. Cool nice too meet you! What kind of anime do u like?
  6. Herro ^.^ you are very name is McKenzie
  7. HELLO NEW FRIEND! Hi my names is Nini thanks for sending me a request. So what's ur name?
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