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Conversation Between animegirl2365 and Shibito

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  1. Awe thanks, and I won't threaten to kidnap you unless you have cookies. Nini loves jk
  2. The fact I can mimic the sound of a cat meowing and a baby kitten perfectly I have been threatend on being kidnaped by a few people already XD nd no problem you are cute :3
  3. Lol I wouldn't kidnap you, and thanks for the compliment.
  4. We have not meet unfortantly because if we have you most likely would have kidnapped me already :3. But I was randomly going through peoples walls and saying hi. Btw you have a pretty smile :3
  5. Hey! Have we met? If not my names Nini what's yours?
  6. Coming by to say hi to random ppl today :3 so NYAN :3
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