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Conversation Between animegirl2365 and eagle heart

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  1. Thanks you should like so totally subscribe for me! lol...Please!
  2. it's awsome no lie
  3. Yay here's the link:
  4. sure i would love to see them
  5. Oh cool I make you tube vids would u like to see them? I could send the link. I really need new subscribers...
  6. me i'm just on youtube on my acount and playing the songs on my playlist and playing a online game
  7. I'm really bored I'm trying to look for peeps to talk to. I just got back from the store . I bought a whole bunch of fruits and veggies I'm going on a diet to loose this slight tummy I have. What cha doing?
  8. me i'm doing great thx for asking. What about you how are you doing?
  9. Yay! Finally someone who remembers me lol. What cha been up too lately? I've been trying to talk to the people who are on my friends list.
  10. long time no see
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