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Conversation Between sa5m and SigmaSD

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  1. Yeah me too. That way I don't have to copy and paste that greek letter to be able to log in.
  2. You changed your username. :o I like Sigma better tbh.
  3. Ok. Well you're not the only one though so I can understand.
  4. Oh, I wouldn't remember their names... It's just the overall impression I get. I don't think it's anyone in particular.
  5. Well care to give an example of things that annoy you? beside vm spammers that is.
  6. No, it's not that. Haha. It's just things in general. They annoy me. D<
  7. What do you mean? lol That ausky guy is still annoying you?
  8. Yeaaah idk. It was like, too much change all at once. And I was getting tired of crap from certain members. Actually, now that I've returned, I've rediscovered why I left in the first place... >_>
  9. Wait really? @[email protected];

    So then...*sigh* I don't get it.
  10. Actually it's the opposite. I left because new AF was weird.
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