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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Wio

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  1. Oh, now I get it.

    Well now it's like a month old so there really isn't much point to linking to it. It was just a silly thread anyway.
  2. Animal Rights thread lol.
  3. Link thread? What are you talking about?

    Lately I've just been working. Nothing much outside of that.
  4. Link thread. I'm so slow on visitor message replies e_o ..

  5. Hi there.
  6. Rainyman sticks out the most, no doubt.

    What'd you think of the Animal Rights thread?
  7. Rainyman seems okay and a few others!
  8. Oh, who are some of the good new members? Seems like a lot of name change tickets have been used up.
  9. Sorta, but not really. Lol, does that make any sense? We seem to have a few good new members, but still losing more veteran posters.
  10. Is this place even more dead?
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