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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Zainox

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  1. Wow my bad!

    Sure: Kagami_Hiiragi
  2. I joined up on MAL. Well... Returned to MAL. What's your name there so I can add you? Mines the same for every forum.
  3. Thanks Zainox!
  4. Just noticed your promotion, congrats man!
    I was seriously just thinking the other day with how long you have been here and your activity how you haven't gotten any 'mod'ish role yet. :P
  5. Ahh, no problem. :3
    Only sent it incase you were interested. :P
  6. Thanks. I'll look into it. Been really busy xD.
  7. Yoho! I don't remember if your much of a figure man, but I found one of Rozen Maiden. I'm fairly sure I remember you saying you liked that anime.
    Here's the linky if you're interested. :3
  8. Thanks xD. Its from AKB0048 Season 2. Sonata!
  9. I don't recognize the anime in your new sig. So I am bugging you to find out what it is again. :P
    You seem to have a decent taste in anime.
  10. I finished GJ-bu. It was very fun and lovable. Nice, cutesy characters. I really liked Kirara! x3
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