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  1. I'm sure anyone can do it. Just keep the picture in front of you, and draw slowly and lightly till you think it's right. If you mess up, it's easily erasable and you can try again. I erase a lot, but I don't give up. It's a lot of fun when you have a certain part down pat, and you just don't want to stop. lol The picture I uploaded last didn't look exactly like the picture I was looking at. This is what it looked like.

    Doesn't matter if you don't have it perfect, it can be in your own design if you like. I believe anyone can do it if they put there mind to it.
  2. Yeah, I saw that one. I've always been envious (well, kinda) of people who could draw out anime. It'd be so awesome if I could as well, but I doubt I have the hand-eye coordination (spelled right?) to do it.
  3. Not much, man. Just laying back and listening to J-rock, while skimming the web. Thinking of another picture to draw next as well. Just finished the one I posted awhile ago, so now got to find a new picture to draw.
  4. Hey, whats up Yvonso?
  5. Yo!
  6. Right? lol Knew I recognized your old username from somewhere's.
  7. That is simply amazing. Rep all the way back from 2008.
  8. Go and look at my reps and look at the most bottom one I have on my list. lol
  9. Same here. lol Best character on Oreimo in my opinion.

    So glad I found a perfect size gif of her dance. ~
  10. Kuroneko is my favorite Oreimo character xD.

    Plus that avatar dance. Love it.
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