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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Miss Digital Moonlight

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  1. Doing fine, you?
  2. Hai. How are you Moony.
  3. Lolol. Sucks.
    In about 2 weeks I start school again. I don't want to go back. Luckily its my senior year though!
  4. yea, he keeps saying he's "going to bed", but still spamming my profile, lulz.
  5. Lol, it seems liked your being stalked on here. As I have looked at your profile wall a bit. How are you ? I hope your doing alright today. Well currently nigt.
  6. No Problem Miss =]
    You were right, its very good looking. I'd say you should try a Pokemon set, but I'm not sure if you like Pokemon too much. Just a suggestion.
  7. Why thankyou. I didn't make my avatar though, I just found it. It's only temporary until I make a decent set. But I thought it was nice-looking. I'll have a better one up soon. =D
  8. Good point. That's probably what is causing it.
    Btw I love your avatar <3.. Its really interesting actually. You always seem to have really great ones and all of them are original and not used much on forums.
  9. it's a bit laggy for me on my cable connection, but probably because of the influx of tons of people on it or something.
  10. I'm doing fine! I'm liking the new forum upgrade, but for some reason its moving really slow for me. Is it slower for you than the original anime forum layout? It may be just me.
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