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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Miss Digital Moonlight

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  1. Thanks.
  2. Oh thats fine Btw I agree with you 100% on that thread haha. I will always defend whos right.
  3. I haven't ever heard of it. I haven't actually watched anime in a while, actually, lol
  4. I'm doing fine! I'm just browsing AF for a few and looking up some anime on amazon. Hey actually ever seen Dream Eater Merry?
  5. Hi! i'm okay, how are you?
  6. Hey how have you been Miss Moonlight Glad to see you're still apart of AF.
  7. I'm fine. Just browsing the forum and looking for a good eevee avatar (:
    I like your avatar btw.
  8. i'm good, you?
  9. Hi, how are you? =P
  10. I'm good actually. I'm not able to come onto AF like I used to be. I really never thought being 17, and not 15 would mean you'd be as busy as I am. Btw ignore my annoying text colors, I need to stay in tune with my avatar.
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