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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Miss Digital Moonlight

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  1. Listening to Annie Lennox and replying about the friend zone in a very strange topic. lol
  2. Great. Just facepalming from that thread in misc and saving money to order anime. Hbu?
  3. Hey! How are you?
  4. Hey Moonlight! Sup?
  5. Great. Thanks! Just watching Raw and getting ready for Smackdown next week!
  6. Hey doing okay, how are you?
  7. Hey Miss M. How are you?
  8. Great. Been trying to get a RPG together. Not on AF, but a gigantic one revolving around the lives of five people. Idk if I can manage being game master though, especially one I want to last two years.
  9. Hey. How have you been?
  10. Hey Miss! Sup lady?
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