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Conversation Between Anime Forum and kotov9syndrome

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  1. yeah it's baseball centered.
  2. Eh. It isn't that 150 is a lot, but baseball added in?

    Free is good if you go in with the right mindset. It has wet guys swimming, but it is pretty tame.
  3. it's around 150 episodes, so you have to commit to it, but its so worth it. you start out when the main character, Goro, is five years old. is free good?
  4. Maybe I'll check it out. I've been looking for a new sports anime to watch after I finish the swimming anime "Free". I only have 5 episodes left.
  5. depends on the person. it has a very good plot. the character development is very well thought. i like it a lot. i recently finished prince of tennis and it mirrors it a lot. however, i know nothing about the original manga and don't know the differences between the two. to sum it up, i enjoy it very much!
  6. Not much. Going to finish Aria tomm.

    Hmm. How good would you say Major is?
  7. I'm about to watch some more Major. you???
  8. Cool Cool. Sup bruh?
  9. I didn't mean an anime is girly if the lead is a girl haha. and yeah we can be friends lol
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