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  1. I'm sorry I've neglected starting OreShura up until now. (Sorry, but Railgun S, Shingeki no Kyojin, Suisei no Gargantia, and Date-A-Live are REALLY good!)

    I'll start it soon I promise.
  2. Dantalian is amazing. Best thing I've seen next to Index this year.
    Qwaser is ecchi bull but it's actually not that bad.
  3. Are those any good o.o? Good choice though. AKB0048 is made really well. Well worth trying.
  4. But seriously, I'll check it out. Probably after I finish Dantalian no Shoka and Seikon no Qwaser.
  5. Gtfo then.
  6. lolcrunchyroll

    torrent at 1080p or gtfo
  7. Its a new anime. Its really well made and kinda dramatic. I don't want to spoil much, but damn is it good! Its on crunchyroll, if you have that. If you're a fan of the music genre done right, this is s good choice.
  8. What's that now?
  9. Ahhh. Hmm. Try AKB. Good stuff.
  10. I'm a little picky. Unless something's REALLY interesting, I'm probably not going to check it out. I guess I'll download the first episode and give it a try.
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