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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Baka Saru Roddish-kun

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  1. Hey. Sup?
  2. Sure, will do.
  3. Ok, ill give it a total rewrite edit when i come back from work, see if i can pick your brains then too if thats ok
  4. Hmm. I read through it, but was a bit confused. Maybe thats why? It seems like an interesting idea, and the effort seems there! Not sure about others, but I got sorta confused. Lol.
  5. ok then, can i ask your opinion on something? i made this thread, which i feel might be a good crack once it gets going. why do you think its being left alone? how could i do it better?
  6. CURSE YOU LITNER!!! AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!! can i have something less gay plz XD
  7. Agreed. the poor baby plants should be coming up soon and its too damned cold. poor devils
    snow didnt last long ayway yestrday, about 3 or 4 hours it snowed and itt just didnt stick for long, and then it went slushie and went away
  8. I love snow, though recently I feel like it has snowed way too much. Lol, but snow is always welcome! xD
  9. Yeah, I'm good ta ^^ just looked out the window and its snowing, might go run around in it for a bit before the commuters come out and spoil the ambience XD snow rocks
  10. Hey! No prob. Im always down to making new friends! Good, you?
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