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Conversation Between Anime Forum and apufferfish!

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  1. Nuuu don't take a nap!. I'm probably more tired (fell asleep at 6:00 AM).
  2. I'm on my way home, I'm super tired but I wanna hangout soo u gotta try and wake me up before I decide to take a nap
  3. Funny thing is you can get them all for under 10 dollars. xD.
  4. omG yessss! I can't wait to be reunited with all the bootlegger porygons! I shall take them all home with me. And il build them a porygon nest! To live in
  5. Liberty tree mall! xD awesomeness.
  6. Seriously, what shud we do tomorrow?
  7. no man, I have hobbit feet. It runs in the family.
  8. Rofl Im sure it did. xD. Do you still have petite feet? Like the guy on here?
  9. my sandwich made my bub bubs bounce
  10. <_< .. Lol. Oh yeah you need to create an intro thread! Check out the intrduction forum. AF will love you. Minus the trolls. Oh my sandwich.. has no ass!
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