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  1. I have a friend.. her name is eve! Only problem.. she dated steve! Lol that guy is super ew. Ill teach you how to saw ew properly.
  2. Ya.. I miss wade
  3. Lol ha. It looks okay outside. Id say its good enough to go today.. bootleg porygon!
  4. Busy? I have no life! Of course were going. It just depends how bad the weathers gunna get today
  5. Liberty tree! Dont forget eve. <_< Unless ur busy!
  6. Is there enough room for all of them? BIG family!
  7. Yes Carl and his whole lizzard family will be there
  8. Was he well behaved? Yay! I'll DEF be there!. Wouldn't think to miss it. Is Carl invited?
  9. Hey boyyyyyyie, sorry I dissapeared I was actually babysitting. The kid was so cute! He looks like the boy from home alone, and no I will be graduating from Arlington, and yourrr invited
  10. Nuuu don't take a nap!. I'm probably more tired (fell asleep at 6:00 AM). Wait you're graduating IN north reading right?
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