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Conversation Between Anime Forum and apufferfish!

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  1. comming home tomorrow! cant wait to see you Brandonia =)
  2. lol the bub bubs.
  3. That sounds really terrible D: Well, at least you got away from that place. Probably feels good.

    I'm making a lot of girls bub bubs bounce lately, lol.

    Visit then!
  4. eww it was terrible there, my stepmom hated me and made alot of tension in the house.
    how have you been???!
    i miss my best friend!
    you make the bub bub bounce
  5. Wings sound so good right now. Oh man, so hungry.

    What happened with your fathers house?
  6. okay, i just wasnt sure if the witchcraft on my end was going through to you.

    cant xbox anymore =( booooo i dont live with my dad and his hitler family. Im actully hoping to make some money and move back to mass. Then we can go catfishing and eat wings at the "rude people" place!
  7. Witchcraft. Def witchcraft.

    I miss you too eve! Call me, or get your ass on xbox!
  8. Do we still do this thing?
    or have we moved on to communication through witchcraft in our bathrooms?

    miss you brandonia! i wokeup thinking about the time we walked all the way to homegoods in the snow and got stuck. And i was eating a giant thing of icecream from the gas station. =)
  9. Yay Frank xD. Can't wait to see him and sir!
  10. frank is doing wonderful, tomorrow we have to make him a home
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