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  1. Nah, not so much. I have a Ropponmatsu [Excel Saga] still in her box, a replica portal gun, a big daddy figure....the rest are mostly ponies XD
  2. Oh cool. Anything worth uploading and showing me?
  3. Ah~ I used to, back when anything I made from work was purely disposable. Now I buy little toys here and there
  4. Haha. Well, its an import from Japan so its costly. It looks great in my collection though :3 You collect?
  5. Damn, thats expensive for a blu ray o____o
  6. Its been fun. I just got my 90 dollar Madoka Magica Rebellion Blu Ray last night. It was good.
  7. Not bad, not bad. How about you?
  8. Hi Maru.

    Hows life been for you?
  9. Okay Thanks! Just make sure the name Yoko is on it. Thanks (:
  10. I dont mind finding one =3
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