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  1. Okay, I'll upload a top ten soon.
  2. Dear Yoko Littner,
    Please suggest more anime! Or at least include a top 10 list in your signature.
  3. In Madoka Magica, that little magic rat Kyubey is a total manipulative psychopath. Has absolutely no empathy. I am only four episodes in, but I can definitely see it as a future antagonist.
  4. Now then, suppose that Lagann combined with the dish washer, dryer or other household appliance ... could the belief in me that believes in myself really power the devices used for household chores?
  5. Epic series! It got very strange at the end though. I think Nia dying was pretty lame. Oh, and the epilogue is cute.
  6. NP! Its amazing, so is Yoko Littner (: .. Im buying a figurine of her soon!
  7. I'm two episodes into Gurren Lagann and it's quite good! Thanks for the recommendation.
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