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  1. Okies. Bye then! Imma miss you too! ^.^
  2. *facepalm* I think I just discovered a third account I don't even remember making. I know I've used that name before. *checks profile* Yup. That's me alright. With 43 more WTF WAS I THINKING posts, I'm sure. -_-

    I knew I did the rounds on the internet back then, but it looks like I had two accounts at the same freaking time! What the Helena, man?! >.< lol
  3. I g2g! ..huggles.. miss you!
  4. I was just nooby lol. xD. Me too! Funny stuff haha.. Kinda scary how bad they were.
  5. lol No kidding.

    OMHHHHH!! My grammar. It didn't exist. DX And I was so arrogant and stupid! "Of course I like them. Why else would I have seen them in concert. (QUESTION MARK) Plus, you can't say I don't know the meanings to the songs. I listen to the lyrics." OMFG Why wouldn't I shut up?! lol

    Yes I'm still looking at my old posts. >.<
  6. Awww! Im happy you are too! Lol we talked back in 08? Small world.
  7. lol I'm happy my emo phase is over!

    God I was so annoying. -_- It's no wonder no one ever liked me back then. I wouldn't have liked me either! xD
  8. Won't lie, it DEF is! Haha. Ew. I was so noobeh. Im happy that new member phase is over.
  9. I know! Mine are horrible. >.<

    Oh god. There's the proof of the phase I was in. In a favorite singer/band thread, one of my answers was Marilyn Manson. If that isn't the epitome of teenage emo angst music, I don't know what is. xD
  10. MINE.. Ew... Its pretty bad rofl!!
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