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  1. hehe Yeah, sorry about that. I haven't been on much. ^^;

    My cousin moved in and he's kept me kinda busy.
  2. Bestie! We havent talked for a while xD. ..huggles..
  3. Good! She should really dump him, lol guy sounds like a loser! xD
  4. Yeah. I hate drama. >.< But I also hate seeing my friend be stuck with this guy that makes her unhappy because she's too scared to be alone. So I'm actually getting involved in it this time. lol
  5. Oh really o.o? Drama xD. IDK story, but she should dump him! Its okay, im looking at crunchyroll!
  6. Ah, fun fun! ^.^

    Sorry if I'm being slow to respond. My friend's fighting with her loser boyfriend because he cheated on her for the millionth time and I'm trying to convince her to finally dump him. >.>
  7. Awww! Feel better! Im great! Watching Crunchyroll!
  8. *huggles* I'm alright. I think I managed to catch a cold on the tail-end of my strep. x.x But other than that I'm fine. lol

  9. HEY! Its okay :3 ..huggles.. how are you?
  10. Hey! ^.^

    Sorry I wasn't on at all yesterday. I ended up in the ER with my mom because she thought she broke her thumb and then I ended up falling asleep by like....8:30. x.x I think all the not sleeping while I've been sick finally caught up with me. lol
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