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  1. Unfortunately no. For anything online I watch that you have to pay for, I piggyback off of my step-dad, and he doesn't like anime much. lol
  2. Ok. Sounds good! Can you afford crunchyroll?
  3. Netflix seems to have cut down a lot on the amount of anime they put on there, and that one's been on my list for a while but I've been trying to watch all I can on Netflix first since they're the easiest to get to, so I should get to that one pretty soon.
  4. Omg at least try k-on! I own the complete first season of it xD. It feels so pure.
  5. ....I haven't seen either of them either. ^^; I'm really picky-choosy with what animes I watch, so I'm pretty behind on a lot of the more popular ones...
  6. Yeah! Its a mix of k-on and Natsuiro Kiseki IMO.
  7. Yeah, sure. :3 And okies, I'll add that one to the list too! ;D
  8. Okies~ Can I PM you about it? Heeey btw watch Love Live as well!
  9. lol Most of my nicknames end up relating to them. xD And yes, I will be. :3
  10. Ha! I can work off those! Ill give you something that connects to them! Oh you'll be on in 1 hour n 30 minutes right?
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