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  1. Haha! Thats bad! Though at least no one was hurt. Hehe. Oh she took it well? Good! Lucky you! AWW cute! Im happy for you. Speaking of poems.. Im uploading tomm. I hope you comment! ..huggles.. Beth I g2g. Ill miss you. Talk tomm? Hehe. Oh if you had a phone we could text or talk. If ur comfortable :3
  2. I've already done that a few times. xD Shattered a bowl, a plate, and a cup. Luckily my mom took it well. She was just like, "Oh, well, we need new ones anyways." lol Though actually they were both while I was washing them, not putting them away. My all time favorite? Um....a tie. Kimberly Freeman (both solo and her band One-Eyed Doll are included in that) and Emilie Autumn. :3 We've been together since mid-December. Oh crap that reminds me that I still never finished that Christmas poem I promised her. >.< I keep forgetting about it.......hehe....... ^^;
  3. Oh nice nice! Dont drop any! I made that mistake once lol. Baaaad! Lol yeah totally different! o.o whos ur alltime fave? Crystal? Nice name. How long you been together for?
  4. hehe Right now I'm putting the ones from last night away. ;P Um....a random playlist on Spotify. lol Right now it's Dee Snider and Bebe Neuwirth. ^.^ Oh, and it just changed. Now it's Sarah Brightman. (Wow talk about opposite ends of the *huggles* Her name's Crystal. :3
  5. Oh! How are the dishes coming along xD? Doing a good job? What music o.o? I might listen to some Cascada soon! xD? I cant multiask at all lol. Im talking to you and my friends from xbox lol. ..huggles.. Whats ur gfs name?
  6. Fine, just talking to you and my girlfriend while I listen to music and do the dishes. I am the queen of multitasking. ;D lol

  7. - tackles you - Hai bff. How are you :3?
  8. Boo! ;D
  9. I prefer the extended trailer because it has a slight little bit more of Helena. xD lol Plus you get to see her pull a gun on Tonto, which is like heart-stopping for people like me because Johnny's killed her (technically) twice. So admittedly seeing her do that my mind is just like, "REVEEEENNNGGGEEEE!!!!" xD
  10. Rofl! I could almost picture the scene.. ._. but then brave comes to mind again xD. Ohh Disney! Ill look it up right now :3
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