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  1. Cool. ^.^

    I actually decided to wait on it for a bit. After two attempts with exactly the same result, it's clearly not the right time for me yet. ^^; I'm focusing on trying to get a job now.
  2. I'm great. Getting ready to post up a Kill La Kill review in the next couple days.

    How is college?
  3. I'm good. Haven't been on for a while, so I thought I'd pop in. ^.^ You?
  4. Hey. How are you?
  5. Its okay! Make sure to study hard!
  6. Sorry. Yesterday was the first day back into college after taking a break and I couldn't sleep the night before. So....I kinda crashed at like 7. x.x lol
  7. Hey whats up!

    Interested in roleplaying today?
  8. Well duh. lol I mean that when I go to a con I'd rather get something I can put on display or something that I can't just go to a store somewhere in town and get whenever I feel like it. The con is really the only time I get to actually get stuff like that most of the time. And I actually haven't seen that one yet. My friend in 11th grade was in love with it, but that's about the extent of my exposure to it. lol I'm not big into zombies generally.

    Just a p.o.s. that gets you from point a to point b thing of my mom's. I don't know specifics besides I think it's a Nisan. Once my step-dad gets it fixed up we'll have a better one. But my mom works nights to we can share it nice and easy. lol
  9. Nothing special!? You get to own your favorite series and/or collect! Lol, either way great series xD. I might buy High School of the Dead on blu - ray next. Perverted though.

    What kind of car o.o?
  10. All three sections? o.o Wow. Once Banzai is over. I'm reeeeeeeeeally trying not to spend. >.< I can pretty much guarantee I wouldn't end up buying them there anyways. I always spend a lot of time looking at DVDs, but end up buying other stuff specifically for exactly that reason that they're sooooo much cheaper elsewhere (Plus there's nothing special or interesting about a DVD. >.>). lol Hopefully I should have a job by then, and then I can afford to spend some here and there since all I'll have to pay for right now is occasionally gas for the car. :3
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