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Conversation Between Anime Forum and kuroobunny

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  1. ..huggles her.. ^-^. I'm great. <3. Just doing stuff and reading wolf. Busy but may answer VM.
  2. kaga-chan! Gomen nasai!! Late reply. I'm doing fine, you?
  3. Hi :3. How are yew?
  4. Kaga-chan! I'm sorry, our internet connection was interrupted. You're not online anymore. Jaaa, sleepwell!
  5. Its fine, its okay lol. I like friends too. Haha.
  6. You should try visiting 9gag at! Seriously, it takes off stress. Compliments.. Well, I'm just saying. And I don't know if I'm being nice to you. This is my usual self, online or real life. You are nice, too! But you should go to sleep now, since it's getting late there. I hope we can be closer than we are now. I like gaining friends, and treasuring them.
  7. Haha, thanks xD. Thanks for the compliments though. You seem rather nice. What's 9gag o.o? Aww, don't give up! You can do it.
  8. Well, haha. You seem to be a little bit of a war freak, Kaga-chan. I like those people. Those that do it to show them your point.. and those that do it just for fun. Hahaha Oh yeah, I'm into 9gag, too! ^^ If you know that. hahaha! Singing.. wel... I suck at that, too. That's why I'm trying to study all of the instruments I can while I'm living. I gave up on my singing dream. Hahaha.
  9. Hmm. Anime. Debating on topics that don't need to be debated on. Roleplaying. I wanna sing <_<.. ..coughs.. but I suck.
  10. Well.. I play the guitar and beatbox.. and a little bit of drums. I literally listen to music 18 hours a day, except for special occations. I watch anime, too. How about you?
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