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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Strawberry Cupcake

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  1. hmmm will try this year since my husband getting me a new phone next month might not be able too so deffo next year
  2. Doooo it. She's funny. I've never seen a Konata cosplayer.
  3. before I cut my hair this march I told my husband I was gonna dye my hair blue and be her for halloween HA! guess now I'll have to get a wig hehehe
  4. Yeah Konata! She's usually the fan favorite xD. She's cool.
  5. she's the good friend who's responsible and does all her home work while the others slack and play around
  6. Yeah . Kona chan is great. Kagami is my fave though.
  7. cool.... I see ya a fan of Lucky Star...... the blue hair chick my favorite
  8. Hi! Just looking at my contest and reading poems. Hoping this contest helps the section.
  9. hiye kagami how are ya?
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