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Conversation Between Anime Forum and DenjaX

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  1. Are you playing Wolf XL?
  2. Sad to have you leave the game. I was hoping for you to continue my progress. You should have at least stayed vote and just become inactive xDDD Anywho, goodluck with your life.
  3. Just save it and upload it. xDD

    here ya go
  4. What is the URL to your avatar? Sorta want to borrow it.
  5. Tomato costume Kyoko!
  6. Yes. I got this gif from second season, I think. xDD I love the expression.
  7. Your avi IS Yuru Yuri right?
  8. o.o NICE avatar! Lol. Love it.
  9. I don't really deal much about the past nor think about the future. I always live in the present. What happened in the past stays in the past so don't worry about it xDD Yeah we had a rough start but I did not bother since things would turn good in the end. Also we seemed to have similar interests to anime xDD yea cya on forums too xDD
  10. I'll admit.. I was wrong about you. We had a rough start but you seem cool Cya on forums.
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