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  1. Delayed, and stuff, but like, Happy Birthday m8.

    To be honest, for some reason I thought you were older than me. O_o
  2. Well that sucks. Just work or school or such? Hopefully nothing too serious. x:

    And cool, I'm glad it's still a thing.
  3. Its been a very bad two months, yes.

    I was thinking about doing one for Mid June though.
  4. Yo Yoko, seeing how late it is into the month, I'm guessing we're not having a movie night for May? Rough time atm or what? o: I'd really hate to see monthly movie night being dropped.
  5. Do you know when ur internet "times out". It kept saying that. After not trying to login for 4 days I was finally able to, and yeah next time you host one let me know.
  6. Do you have any idea what kept you from logging in for so long? o-o And town won my game, it was pretty intense. It's no sweat though, I understand that these things happen~. I just hope you decide to play some more games sometime soon. You're a cool player. ^^
  7. Hey I'm able to login now. Who won wolf?. I'm sorry I missed ur game btw
  8. Alot of websites! Sorry if it sounded arrogant in past posts but I wasn't trying to be xD. IMDB and other forums/websites. Been doing it for a while so tis is why I played so weirdly. I'm used to weird game plans lol. You should join up when another one gets going.. And no problem. anything for someone I consider a friend : )
  9. Yesss, thank you~. Btw I've noticed you talking about playing Wolf/Mafia on other sites before. Where do you normally play? o:
  10. Okay I'll sign up!
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