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Conversation Between Anime Forum and CrimsonScourge43

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  1. Post an introduction thread so its easier locating you on the forum.
  2. Haha cool, I'm going to go join now, send me a VM, I'll have the same name as here.
  3. I joined it like 6 days ago and I have about 150 posts. Its a mad fun site for wrestling fans lol.
  4. Cool, I have the John Cena: Exsperiance, thats it though.
    Okay, well I have to join to get the avatars, I might join.
  5. Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy my life my rules, Extreme Rules 2010.
    And okay, there's some good ones there.
  6. Which ones?
    Okay, I'll do that.
  7. Dvds, didn't think of that. I have some wrestling dvds.
    Go to google and type in wrestling clique
  8. Lol can I have the link?
    I have some action figures, dvds and shirts.
  9. My avatars are from a website I use, and your allowed to use the avatars lol.
    Not really, a Matt Hardy shirt but nothing else.
  10. Yeah it will, and no problem.
    Also I have two questions, where are you finding your avatars? and do you have any WWE merchidise?
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