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  1. Yea probably. I'm hoping he'll stay around a while because I've always been a fan of Kane. His mic skills are out of this world!
  2. Yeah I think you might be right, I think I have a feeling he may retire sometime soon, but right now I think he is okay.
  3. Its a tough call.. I mean he's like 36 right now?. He isn't as injured as other wrestlers but how come I see him going against Taker at mania in a retirement match?

    If Taker wins, they both retire (Taker will be 20-0 at mania)
    If Kane wins, only Taker retires.
  4. Hmm......I think so yeah, do you?
  5. Yea that was a good match. I wonder how long Kane will last in the wwe. Do you see him making it to the year 2015?
  6. It was a good episode, I enjoyed the Rey/Edge vs Alberto/Kane match
  7. Yea I watched it, pretty good episode. I wonder how long Dolph will hold the title.
  8. Yeah, its a shame in my opinion. You watching Smackdown?
  9. Yea. He could of been something good in the WWE, but they like many other superstars gave him no credit no a chance.
  10. Wow, thats harsh, I thought Kaval was doing good, seeing as he got his first win.
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