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  1. I never listened to Vocaloid. I heard they or he or she was good though :P.
  2. yea me and all my friend shate him. M eand my friends all hate him for the same reasons to, we all hate im cause he is a bad singinger and cause japan has vocaloid and all we have is him -.-
  3. Its good. And no problem. Its funny what people have to say about him.
  4. thanks for making the Justin Beaver thread. Very interesting what people have to say bout him.
  5. hi hows it going?
  6. okkie
  7. I'll look it up on youtube owo
  8. yea thats exactly whats it's called xD
  9. Oh cool. What's it called? "Pikachu's Song"?
  10. i am my friend just showed my a really funny video of pikachu's song
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