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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Uncanny X-Man

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  1. I'm fine, just in school right now working on an assignment.
  2. Hello, I'm good right now, how about you?
  3. Hi, how are you?.
  4. Its my first event so I'm really excited! My Edge sign will be blue with the letters colored in and I'll be wearing a NFL jersey so look out for me!
  5. Aww, you are soo lucky, I live so far away that the closest WWE comes to my part of the world is when they are in Germany :'( but someday I am going to travel to America, thats probably going to be for a ppv if it should be worth it......I need money first though lol xD I'll keep an eye out to see if I can spot your edge sign.
  6. He probably saids something negative against them or something.
    Btw I'm going to Raw's 900th episode live this Monday! I'm hoping its a good episode and I'm bringing my edge head sign!
  7. Exactly, and they still reefer to him as "The ultimate underdog" another problem I have with him is when he cuts random sentences in Spanish, I don't understand Spanish so I don't have any idea about what he is saying xD it annoys me to no end.
  8. Only problem I have with Mysterio is that sometimes he seems like super rey, like super cena and wins almost every match. And when he does lose, it seems like the person that beat him cheats to win.
  9. Yeah Edge is cool, I am not so high on Mysterio how ever xD
  10. I know! Punk doesn't deserve the treatment he gets. My other two favorites are Edge and Rey Mysterio.
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