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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Ominous Flare

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  1. The last line of my blog was my rebellion against the naysayers who would come and tell me how pathetic I am. I'm aware what my blog entry looks like, and what some people on the Internet are like. So, if they want to seize the chance to boost their confidence by kicking the dog, I'd say, let them enjoy it. It would certainly give me pleasure to see them coming down to my level.

    Anyway, this is my MAL:

    Most of the stuff written on the profile page isn't really true.
  2. The last line of your blog saids otherwise. You posting on my wall confirms it.

    Well anyways. This isn't a battle of egos.. it is only a forum at the end of the day and they are placed here for fun. Speaking of fun, whats your MaL?
  3. What I wanted? Heh. Per-lease. I just put that up there to as a thoughtless rant. It is a blog, after all, so it kinda works like a diary. I didn't really want attention, certainly not yours. But I expected that the typical attention would come, and people wouldn't surprise me anymore than I would surprise them.

    It's this kind of knowledge in how small people are as I am that gives me the little pleasures in life, knowing that nobody is any better than me. It's a funny irony.
  4. I am a pretty funny guy. Thanks for the compliment!

    Anyways, I'm not trying to prove a thing. I just gave you what you wanted is all. You are welcome.
  5. And yet, you've given me your attention. So, what kind of contradiction are you trying to prove, really? Heh.

    You're funny.
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