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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Daken.

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  1. Ok cool. Glad to hear.
    Nothing, just been debating which game to buy with my MP on xbox. Neogeo C. OR KoF 2002. Play either?
  2. Yeah I'm still interested.
    And not much. Just been chillin with my friend lately, sup with you?
  3. Hey man. Sup? On btw once this game is complete I'll be starting the wolf I told you about if ur still interested.
  4. Nice, and you didn't miss much on the newest one. I mean come on, I died the first day. loool.
  5. Heads up. I'm starting the wolf game soon. Missed my chance to join AF's newest one sadly.
  6. Awesomse, I'll deff sign up.
    Thanks bro. (:
  7. No prob man :3.
    Okay I'll check it out right now. I'm interested!

    360 achievements. Idk if you're an ach fan but big site with lots of people.
    that one. c:
    And thanks for the friend request haha.
    Better not forget. ;D
    But I meant, what forum is it?
  9. What season did you host? o-o?
    Once I get it fully officialized I'll invite it. Huge site. Usually 200 plus active members so I can probably get around 25 ppl in it.
  10. You should let me come along. What forum is it? ;D
    Damn to bad you didn't join my game when I hosted it.
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