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Conversation Between Anime Forum and sunnyside

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  1. Hey. Please consider joining Wolf XL in misc. Having someone as smart as you would be great.
  2. Ever since the Cmpunk name change, its been tough finding a good username.
  3. Huh. Ok I remember you of course. But why the name change?
  4. Yoko Littner is my most recent.
  5. Um, tons of people on here change their names a lot. Do I know you as something else?
  6. Sup dude?
  7. I remember seeing you around, but never interacted with you. The Rpg section has a lot of members I don't know.
  8. You remember me joining? Did I know you by some other name, or do you mean that you noticed that some guy called Sunnyside had started up a game way back when, but you hadn't interacted with me until just now.
  9. Lol I remember when you first joined AF. You've really done well with the rpg section.. Def let me know about upcoming rpgs.
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