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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Senjou_Akira

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  1. hey, how have you been?
  2. yeah, i hope so. things are so complicated and stressful now in college. sometimes i'm wondering, why didn't they add middle school in our education system. people are too young here to get to college. we're not yet prepared T.T
  3. That stiinks! I hope it goes over well for you. Good luck (:
  4. whew.
    I'll be having special tests next week and I can't concentrate on my studies. it's quite frustrating -_-'
  5. Cool, and nothin. (:
  6. nothing much, i decided to get back to forums ^^
    what about you? XDD
  7. Hey (:

    What's up'
  8. ellow, I don't see much of the users i know active anymore... glad to recognize one XDD hello again ^^
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