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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Tsuki.

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  1. I remember ahaha
    Once in a while I stalk. Though, it's pretty dead so I don't say much.
  2. You still come on? Its -Raiken- man.
  3. xD I'd spend so much if I used Amazon
  4. Nice. I'm getting the complete series later this year :3.
    Actually spending a lot on merchandise. Thank you Amazon. : D.
  5. I know the feeling xD Kinda had an anime/manga spam a couple weeks ago lol

    Oooh, nice! I think I own a couple episodes of Lucky Star xD
  6. I've been good. Regaining my love for anime. From 2009-2011 I lost a lot of interest.
    Nah. Nothing but ordering Lucky Star Ova soon! : D. Such a great show.
  7. Raiken!~
    It's been so long D: At the moment, nothing is up xD Just chilling at home
    How have you been? Anything interesting been happening?
  8. Its been a while Tsuki. Its Raiken. What's up : D.
  9. Now I'm late. I'm good =]. I have some other avatars, I may use em tomorrow.
  10. I'm well -Raiken- and how are you? ^^;;
    *this isn't late at all*
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