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Conversation Between Anime Forum and Bulf

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  1. Used to always play Brawl! Online became dead a bit. Played last year. I'm sure we faced off. I use Shiek.
  2. Yo!
    I hardly play my 360 like...ever xD. Most of the time I'm on Brawl
  3. Been a while my former Nintendo rival <_<. Sup? How often you play xbox?
  4. Aaah. Well if you have any good ones link me to some! I might be going back to my nintendo roots on AF O:
  5. I usually just find them randomly and save them when I find them. I found this one on Deviantart though xD
  6. Where do you find all these epis mario bros avatars? I always find crap**y ones online. Is there a specific website you use?
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