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  1. Oh Ribbon. Yeah I know her! Now that you mention it was Ribbon, it almost sounds familiar.. but eh not 100%. Anyways, you better let me know when your picture comes in! Okies?
  2. No another member Ribbon I think changed her name to Miss. or Ms. Kaitou+ so I changed mine to Mrs. Kaitou+... Thus being superior. =P
  3. That's something I didn't know! Hehe. Wait, the person? Was it Baka? I remember you two be really close! What was your name change? o.o?
  4. Hah.. I've only changed my name once since I've been here as a joke to make someone angry... But got it changed back after a few days lol...
  5. Haha! I'm sorry! Yeah I change my name often, BUT I promise this is the last change for a while. Hehe. Sorry. I would of been just as confused as you.
  6. Ah no. I just saw you comment on my blog and I didn't realize it was you until I saw my profile page to look at our convo and the name was the same as the name on the blog xD
  7. Oh that makes sense! And yeah. Is it a bad change?
  8. Changed your name I see..
  9. Says "Bliss" Got it at Disney. Lot of people have hone to Disney, might have saw someone who's been and got the same shirt.
  10. What does your shirt say on ur profile pic? I feel like Ive seen the shirt before. No clue why though ,_,
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