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Conversation Between Anime Forum and blueangel06661

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  1. Hey, how are you my friend?
  2. You are NOT a failure as a women! Sure, you have a little below average cooking skills. Though, a guy will eventually fall in love with that said cooking.

    Did that you feel better or make it worse?

    Nisekoi is fun, haha. I gave it a 9/10 maybe? Who is your favorite character?
  3. This time it was undercooked.... I AM A FAILURE WOMAN!

    I've started to watch Nisekoi.. I was tired of waiting for nanana's treasure to release so I started to watch one week friends... Caught up on that, was tired of waiting for releases for both of them so I started watching Nisekoi... This time I'm watching it...very....slowly.... So I won't catch up as quick.. I hate waiting for new episodes.
  4. Well, going better this time?

    I'm fine. I need to finish Date a Live tonight. Ugh, 4 episodes in a row. Oh well.
  5. I'm trying to cook teriyaki noodles.. the last time I burned them...

    How are you?
  6. You're a bully. Why do you bully me so?

    Hai. How are you?
  7. Its okay. Its okay.

    -insert lucky star gif here-

    I'll check back in 30 minutes!
  8. I was talking to you, and then chat broke.. Iz sorries..
  9. We should! How about we talk in AF chat or something? I'm down for these VM as well though.
  10. *pats*
    there, there.. You're quite alright. We should chat more. Only being able to do one thing at a time seems tough though
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