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Conversation Between Anime Forum and blueangel06661

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  1. I changed it back yesterday. Figured I'd go back to my old roots.
  2. Either way, you made me smile. Thanks ^^

    Any Nico is a good Nico.

    By the way, when did you change your name back?
  3. Pah my drawing sucks... Ain't mine but I knew you'd like a cute image of nico.. The original was somewhere on pixiv.
  4. D-Did you draw that?

    Its gorgeous. >///<

    If I could have your permission, I'd love to upload it onto my MaL page sometime.
  5. You wouldn't bite the hand that feeds you right?

    *hands her donut*
  6. Stop being so tsun damn you.
  7. I hear ya. Having a job really absorbs forum activity out of you.

    I'm fine. Just wrapped up Kawai Complex~ I must admit, not bad.
  8. Pretty good. Pretty busy too. :/ But otherwise good. Lol. You?
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