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Conversation Between In0kz and Miss Manipulation

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  1. Hehe no problem. it's not that huge of a difference anyway right :P
    So how far into the story are you? I've just started with a new visual novel called tsukihime, even though I have already seen the anime made of it. must say I really like dem visual novels, I might even prefer them to anime these days xD
  2. Oh. My apologies! I should've known! My cousin's husband is from Sweden so I'm supposed to be able to tell the difference. Oh, I feel stupid! Jag beklagar!
  3. Np I'm from sweden acually so it's not that far from the danish language. I guess I under stand part of it :P
  4. I just wanted to thank you for that link. I'm really enjoying Katawa Shoujo! I also a bit of... Danish, is it? In your visitor's messages? Taler du dansk?
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