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Conversation Between AzureDark and mewpudding101

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  1. Both the admins are working full-time so the lyrics show up later than before. But I try to visit and approve never less than once a week, even though the internet is pretty crap at my work home...
  2. It looks fine now. Don't know what happened, that's never happened before. Thanks though! Is there a reason my songs have been going through the queue so slowly?
  3. Eh what? Gimme a screenshot, your page looks fine on my end.
  4. Hey Azure,
    Noticed that my user page on AL is showing that I have not submitted any songs... So like... What? I'm very confused...
  5. So basically... We need a Romanian translator???
    ...grrrrr, those selfish, money-grubbing...!!!
  6. We tried. Turns out the site's hosted in friggin Romania.
  7. Shouldn't we try and contact Sweets Lyrics? I think I'm going to. I've noticed since a long time ago they've been stealing our lyrics. We work very hard to translate, and I don't like them taking that effort for their own benefit.
  8. I thought I did give you a PM about this? *checks* oh wth actually I haven't... yea basically we're trying to cut off the supply line for sweetslyrics to steal stuff, which means adding your submission manually and deleting it from the queue, which makes it not appear in the updates page. If you do mind about the rejected lyrics number I since then actually found a way to approve submissions without having it showing up on the updates page.
  9. So the updates page is getting removed because of the bots and that Sweet Lyrics site? Also, every time I submit something, it notes it as rejected, but it shows up on the site. What's up with that?
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