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Conversation Between AzureDark and Rei

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  1. I know that Jin released the PV with lyrics and all, but...I guess I sort of knew this would happen. Official release is on the 18th, thirteen days from now.

    (I guess I'm just being picky because there's been no sight or sound of the lyrics, and those submitted seem way too long for average lyrics, but...your call, Azu. :P Oh, Tsugitsuideta is actually Tsugihaideta.)
  2. Sorry about that. Here's the right link.
  3. Hey Azu- sorry, I just noticed that track #14 on Daihakken is linked back to track #01 - both are variations of each other, but for the tube is in english. I'm pretty sure I submitted them in english, but I'm not sure if it got through. Thanks!
  4. Sorry.
  5. It's /sup >.> as in superscript.
  6. Ah, I thought there was only one (also on the official site), but it seems like there's another one, too...which is also stated as it's ending theme...
  7. I just put Aku no Hana's OP for the time being, but looks like there are a few versions of it, and you sent the one with that screamo vocalist in it.
  8. I see where you're going, but chances are that a lead single will eventually be in an album.
  9. Ah, I thought it would make it easier to differentiate from the other songs if the singer happens to have many B-side tracks with no album...
  10. The "XXth Single" format in the Jpop pages are obsolete. Better not use them...
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