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Conversation Between StarryBlade and Xanfiore

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  1. xDD
  2. I see torchic now!!!! Lolol thanks:3
  3. xD
    there's a lot to list..
    U bought torchic?
    Look at the AF Shop at ur profile...
  4. Oh phooey ;( Any anime that you like to watch lol
    And what is with the AF shop? I bought a torchic and I dont see it?! @_@ Gah help
  5. keeps me away from my computer sometimes ;x
    ah..anime that i intro?
    u mean by?
  6. I know watcha mean, weekend chores for me too And then work tomorrow ._.
    But Im alright! What type of anime are you into?
  7. Hi.Hi ^^
    I'm fine here, but a bit tired due to many chores at home..
    how about you?
  8. Hiya:3 Thanks for friending me!! How're you?
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